About 250,000 people flooded the streets of Manhattan in September 2019 for the Global Youth Climate Strike. Our Founder, Freeda Johnson’s children participated in that march accompanied by Freeda.

As she stood amidst the sea of young activists, watching her teenage children march for the climate, inspired by the passion and determination of Greta Thunberg, a fire ignited within her. She marched alongside them, not just to ensure their safety, but to witness the immense power of the youth and their unwavering commitment to save our planet. In that moment, she knew she had to be part of the movement, making her own contribution towards a sustainable future.

Her journey began with introspection, pondering on how she could align her legacy with the aspirations of the next generation. Her parents, Lilly and JR Johnson, had built a thriving lifestyle manufacturing business in printing and packaging. They had entrusted her with the responsibility of carrying the legacy forward, but she saw an opportunity to do more.

Driven by the urgency to create a positive impact, she decided to pivot the manufacturing focus entirely towards sustainability. The vision was clear – to embrace eco-friendly materials, sustainable inks, and establish a seamless supply chain that could cater to US consumers and businesses alike. Thus, the idea of “FreedaPrint” was born.

The name itself embodies the essence of our mission – to provide freedom to print, pack, and contribute to a healthier planet. FreedaPrint became more than just a business; it was a commitment to sustainability, a connection between generations, and a platform to support small business owners in their journey towards eco-consciousness.

Our journey was not without its challenges. Turning the tide towards sustainable practices required significant effort and dedication. We meticulously researched and sourced the best eco-friendly materials, exploring innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

But the hardships were outweighed by the immense sense of purpose and fulfillment we experienced along the way. Our team’s passion for sustainability united us, and with every step we took, we became more resolute in our vision.

FreedaPrint is more than just a B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging; it is a sanctuary for conscious business owners who want to make a difference. Our platform offers a one-stop-shop for designing, printing, and packaging. Empowering businesses to embrace sustainability without compromising on quality or creativity.

Beyond just environmental impact, we are dedicated to promoting equity within the industry. We work closely with suppliers who share our values, fostering partnerships that uplift and empower each other in the pursuit of a shared vision.

Our vision is not confined to simply selling sustainable paper & packaging solutions; it is about instilling a sense of responsibility within the business community. We want every business owner to feel empowered to make sustainable choices that positively impact the environment and society.

As we continue to grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the planet and the generations to come. FreedaPrint is a testament to the power of transformation, where legacy meets innovation, and passion meets purpose.

Join us on this remarkable journey towards a brighter, greener future. Together, we can free the planet from harmful practices, one sustainable package at a time. Welcome to FreedaPrint, where printing, packaging, and saving the planet go hand in hand.

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FreedaPrint: Empowering a Sustainable Future, One Package at a Time